RFR: 8187033: [PPC] Imporve performance of ObjectStreamClass.getClassDataLayout()

Kazunori Ogata OGATAK at jp.ibm.com
Thu Sep 21 09:39:58 UTC 2017

Hi Peter,

> If you could extract from 
> the benchmark just the approximate shape of the data structure and 
> typical values it contains, I could create a JMH benchmark that tests 
> just that part. Which would be appropriate to tune serialization code. 

My colleague investigated the objects serialized/deserialized in the 
benchmark.  He found there are several types of object trees, and one of 
the largest object tree looks like (in Scala types):

       |  +-Int
       |  `-Boolean
          |  `-Double[3]
          |  `-Double[3]
          |  `-Double[3]

Now the question is how the Java classes (including class hierarchy) look 
like because Scala types may need extra boxing/unboxing (though I'm not 
confident).  I'll try to decompile .class files generated from the scala 
code and find the real Java types.


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