8194734 : Handle to jimage file inherited into child processes (win)

Alexander Miloslavskiy alexandr.miloslavskiy at gmail.com
Sun Apr 8 18:56:18 UTC 2018

> I'm still only half paying attention, but I agree with Alexander that 
> the low-level infrastructure in libjimage is fishy.  The rule should be 
> that file descriptors created by the JDK should have the CLOEXEC bit on.
> But even if the CLOEXEC bit was forgotten, the subprocess code should 
> still succeed in closing that fd and use FAIL_FILENO for the error 
> reporting pipe in childproc.c.

That's two independent problems and I suggest adressing them one at a time.

I anyone willing to get my patch applied? I do not have commiter rights 
yet, but my OCA is already processed.

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