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Tue Apr 10 21:18:57 UTC 2018

On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 1:50 PM, Brian Goetz <brian.goetz at> wrote:
> 3. If the input contains *any* tab characters at all (except any that are
>> part of the trailing whitespace), then this method cannot know that it
>> isn't jumbling the end result, and maybe it should just throw.
> I think there's a middle ground, where it strips any common whitespace
> prefix.  So if every line starts with tab-tab-space-space, it can safely
> strip this.

My point is that this is *not* safe, if by "safe" we mean "you will see the
same relative indentation you saw in the source". *Any* tab has the
potential to suddenly be worth a different number of spaces, once some
prefix of any kind has been removed.

I would *like* to not worry about this, but we have to accept that the
programmers who will be hurt most will be the most novice.

5. If we do end up in a world where we have to call this for almost every
>> one of our tens of thousands of multi-line RSLs... is it strange that I
>> feel like I would prefer it was static? It seems like it would look a lot
>> more normal that way visually. Ugh...
> I think this is likely to vary subjectively a lot.  Some people like that
> the instance method is mostly out of the way; others like the up-front
> shouting of the static method.

Is it just potayto, potahto, or does one of the snippets above appear a lot
more consistent with how Java code has always looked?

On top of *that*, I have no idea what "right markers" are good for, nor
>> what customizing the marker choice is good for (other than creating more
>> needless variation between different pieces of code).
> String asciiArtFTW =
> `````````
>     `  BOO  `
>     `````````.trimMarkers("`", "`");
Ha, well, I did say "good" for :-)

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