Adding SocketChannel toString to connection exception messages

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Wed Jan 3 11:37:04 UTC 2018

On 02/01/2018 21:25, Steven Schlansker wrote:
> :
> This would definitely be better than nothing!  But it's still difficult, for example a common allocation pattern for us would be to assign networks to availability zones:
> then if you pick the same last number for a well known service, you might end up with instances at,, -- so depending on which octets are obscured you may end up with no useful information.
> The triggering incident for us was that one of our Amazon ELBs started responding incorrectly (blackholing data) --
> so when you resolve "" you'd get three different IP addresses, and depending on which one
> is picked for the connect operation, you'll get all data blackholed.
Socket/SocketChannel connect take a single address, not a hostname that 
is potentially mapped to multiple addresses. Maybe you mean the Socket 
constructors that takes a hostname and do the lookup before attempt to 
establish a connection?

In any case, if the exception message includes the address/port details 
then it shouldn't matter which constructors are used. Also note that 
when you look at the non-blocking cases then you'll see the exception is 
thrown by finishConnect, not connect. This is nothing reason to handle 
this completely in java and avoid changes to the native code.


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