Adding new IBM extended charsets

Nasser Ebrahim enasser at
Fri Jul 6 12:23:50 UTC 2018

Hi Florian,

Thank you for your response. iconv is platform dependent and not good for 
the platform agnostic nature of Java. Also, many charsets in Java are not 
available across platforms. I believe Java decided to have its own 
charsets due to those reasons so that it can work seamlessly on any 
supported platforms.

Thank you,
Nasser Ebrahim 

From:   Florian Weimer <fweimer at>
To:     Nasser Ebrahim <enasser at>, Java Core Libs 
<core-libs-dev at>
Date:   07/04/2018 07:11 PM
Subject:        Re: Adding new IBM extended charsets

On 07/04/2018 02:41 PM, Nasser Ebrahim wrote:
> Please share your thoughts on your preferred option and list out any 
> options which I missed out. Thank you for your time.

Could you use the platform iconv implementation instead?  That would 
avoid shipping the tables in the JDK.


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