Prototype of jpackager in jdk/sandbox [was: Draft JEP proposal: JDK-8200758: Packaging Tool]

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Sat Jul 7 14:10:22 UTC 2018

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> Objet: Re: Prototype of jpackager in jdk/sandbox [was: Draft JEP proposal: JDK-8200758: Packaging Tool]

> Hi Remy,
> Thank you for taking a look.
> Yes, the javapackager code that forms the basis for the jpackager
> prototype was initially developed on older JDKs and evolved from there.
> I'm sure the improvements you suggest are all good ones, and it doesn't
> seem like it would be too hard to address the most important of them,
> especially the try-with-resources or anything else that would affect the
> robustness of the tool. As long as we do address the robustness issues,
> I think it is more important to get the feature set right, and make sure
> that the public interfaces -- the command line options and ToolProvider
> interface -- are clean. I don't see the need to rewrite the tool or take
> an extra couple of months to modernize all of the implementation to use
> JDK 11 APIs everywhere.
> Also, I don't agree that jpackager is too large for jdk/sandbox or that
> it needs it own project. The jdk/sandbox is perfect for new modules /
> new tools that don't impact other parts of the JDK.
> -- Kevin

Hi Kevin,
like you, i don't think that a full rewrite is necessary, as you said having the right public 'interfaces' is enough,
but reducing the size the duplicated code (with the JDK and internally) is as important in my opinion.

For the first point, it means that jpackager should use jopt for the argument parsing (to be fully compatible with the GNU style of options).
For the second point, it means to change a lot of code that may break because it's less mechanical than introducing try-with-resources. 


> On 7/6/2018 3:07 PM, Remi Forax wrote:
>> I've just taking a look at the patch,
>> i don't see how this can be integrated soon, the code is consistently
>> inconsistent as one of my colleague would say, even the coding conventions are
>> not respected.
>> i believe that's it's because the code have been written first in Java 6 an
>> without refactoring was moved to use Java 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.
>> The I/O code still using for some parts, no try-with-resources so
>> most of the try/finally are not safe,
>> a lot of code like new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter(file)) instead of
>> Files.newBufferedWriter, etc. The code should use the package java.nio.file,
>> and not the old,
>> most of the code try to manage the exception right were they appear instead of
>> propagating them so there are too many try/catch,
>> a lot of catch are ignored which is a code smell, some codes use the internal
>> logger (jdk.packager.internal.Log), but a lot of codes doesn't,
>> for the collection code, there is a lot of copy of data small structures (which
>> suggest that published collections are not immutable),
>> there are dubious @SuppressWarnings("unchecked"), some or them are due to the
>> fact that the code use Class as a type token instead of using lambdas,
>> Stream are not used when they should (to avoid multiple copy between data
>> structures) and streams that need to be closed are not (the result of
>> Files.list by example),
>> there are usual "don't do that in Java" like a loop using an integer index to
>> traverse a List without knowing if it's a random access list or not,
>> there is a lot of nullchecks instead of using Optional,
>> a lot of code initialize local variables to null which is a code smell (and a
>> side effect of having a lot of try/catch but not only),
>> constructors should not do work, just initialization, use static factory method
>> instead (so you will not have to debug half constructed objects),
>> the code uses BigIntegers to parse a bundle version, just in case,
>> the code uses an AtomicReference as a box that a lambda can mutate, instead of
>> wrapping the exception into a runtime and unwrapping it at call site,
>> The code of jdk.packager.internal.IOUtils should be updated to use methods of
>> the JDK 11 and methods like readFully should be replaced by the JDK's one.
>> listOfPathToString and setOfStringToString are just WTF, like in
>> getRedistributableModules(), where the variable stream is an Optional,
>> A class like Platform should be used everywhere to do platform specific stuff, a
>> lot of code still use String matching (the version parsing should use
>> System.Version).
>> All the argument parsing should be delegated to JOpt (the one integrated with
>> the JDK), so it will be consistent with the other JDK tools,
>> There is a UnsupportedPlatformException but a Platform can be UNKOWN ??
>> I will stop here, my point is that there is a lot of cleaning that should appear
>> before the code is integrated into the JDK and given the size of the code, i
>> wonder if it's not better to start an OpenJDK project for it and iterate on the
>> code before trying to include it in the JDK. For me, the code is too big to use
>> the jdk/sandbox.
>> regards,
>> Rémi
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>>> De: "Kevin Rushforth" <kevin.rushforth at>
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>>> Envoyé: Vendredi 6 Juillet 2018 22:14:29
>>> Objet: Prototype of jpackager in jdk/sandbox [was: Draft JEP proposal:
>>> JDK-8200758: Packaging Tool]
>>> An initial prototype of the jpackager tool has been pushed to a new
>>> 'JDK-8200758-branch' branch in the JDK sandbox [1]. If anyone is
>>> interested in taking a look, you can clone it as follows:
>>>      hg clone
>>>      cd ./sandbox
>>>      hg update JDK-8200758-branch
>>> I plan to reply to the feedback already provided, and update the JEP [2]
>>> next week some time, but in the mean time if you have additional
>>> questions or comments, feel free to reply.
>>> -- Kevin
>>> [1]
>>> [2]
>>> On 6/27/2018 3:30 PM, Kevin Rushforth wrote:
>>>> We're aiming to get this into JDK 12 early enough so that an EA build
>>>> would be available around the time JDK 11 ships. That will allow you
>>>> to take a jlinked image with JDK 11 and package it up using (the EA)
>>>> jpackager.
>>>> We will create a development branch in the JDK sandbox [1] some time
>>>> in the next week or so so you can follow the development.
>>>> Also, thank you to those who have provided feedback. I'll reply to
>>>> feedback soon and then incorporate it into an updated JEP.
> >>> -- Kevin

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