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Andrew Dinn adinn at
Thu Jul 26 09:45:54 UTC 2018

Hi Norman,

On 26/07/18 09:35, Norman Maurer wrote:
> So I take this as a sign that there is no interest in this ?

I'm not sure that is the right conclusion to draw. It may well be that
those involved in making the original change are too busy to respond
right now. However, there are a two other important considerations worth
bearing in mind.

Firstly, if you look back through the core-libs-dev archive you will
find discussion that preceded introduction of this change -- primarily
between Alan Bateman and Tony Printezis as I recall but I think others
were involved. I believe that discussion included debate as to how this
change ought to expose the new capability either as a restricted API
(internal to JDK runtime) or as an external API (open to JDK client
apps). Its clear what the conclusion was.

Have you checked the archive? If not I would advise doing so and then
coming up with counter-arguments in any argument you present. That might
encourage those who were involved in the discussion to consider your

Secondly, I am afraid you are a bit late to the party with this post. I
realise that it is a genuine suggestion for improvement and not simply a
drive-by request for others to make your life easier. However, it is
hard for developers to return to a fix that is done and dusted and meets
the agreed remit because of late-expressed concerns. By that stage they
will be busy chasing other important new tasks.


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