Add x-IBM-1129 charset

Nasser Ebrahim enasser at
Mon Jul 30 15:47:59 UTC 2018

Thank you Sherman for reviewing the webrev and approving the changes. Can 
you please create a bug to proceed further.

Regarding the other two charsets, IBM964 and IBM33722, we will analyze 
further to see whether it can be better implemented.

Nasser Ebrahim

From:   Xueming Shen <xueming.shen at>
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Date:   07/26/2018 10:36 PM
Subject:        Re: Add x-IBM-1129 charset
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The change looks fine.

Btw, do you guy have better implementation for these two charsets? These 
were left untouched when I did the reimplementation back to 6/7. Did not
have time to figure out its mapping table (especially the compatibility 
when dealing with the mapping hard-coded inside the source and those maps
from cdc repository). This was the main reason I did not move the 
into the


On 5/19/18, 12:56 AM, Nasser Ebrahim wrote:
> Hello,
> With the following three bugs, all the default locale charsets except 
> (Vi_VN.IBM-1129&  ja_JP.IBM-eucJP) are fixed for AIX platform.
> - JDK-8201540: [AIX] Extend the set of supported charsets in java.base
> - JDK-8202329: Codepage mappings for IBM-943 and Big5 (aix)
> -

> : [AIX] Add charset IBM-964 (default charset for zh_TW.IBM-eucTW) to 
> [bug not yet opened].
> For those fixed charsets, the charsets were existing in the extended
> charsets (jdk.charsets) and they were not working with default locale
> charset as it did not exist in the standard charset (java.base). The
> charsets correspond to the two pending locale (Vi_VN.IBM-1129&
> ja_JP.IBM-eucJP) does not exist in the jdk. They need to be added to the
> extended charsets before adding to stdcs on AIX platform.
> Here, am including the patch to fix  the charset IBM-1129 for the locale
> Vi_VN.IBM-1129. We are working on the other missing charset (for
> ja_JP.IBM-eucJP) which will be contributed in some time.
> The webrev of the fix is available at

> Kindly request you to open a bug and review the fix. Please let me know 
> you have any questions.
> Thank you,
> Nasser Ebrahim

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