RFR: 8207851 JEP Draft: Support ByteBuffer mapped over non-volatile memory

Roger Riggs roger.riggs at oracle.com
Tue Jul 31 15:24:16 UTC 2018

Hi Andrew,

The JEP is clear on the concept and has many more details than are necessary
to submit it.  Supplying so much detail at the earliest stage invites more
discussion about the implementation than the concept.

Usually, the details of API and implementation are added as the JEP 
By the time it is implemented and complete, the JEP description will be 
up to date and concrete.

Regards, Roger

On 7/31/18 4:01 AM, Andrew Dinn wrote:
> Well, given the lack of any further input I am left wondering, JEP
> neophyte that I am, whether:
>    i) said happy lacuna implies that it is appropriate to submit this JEP
> (as prompted by both the process blurb provided in JEP 1 and the
> accordingly labelled button in the JEP JIRA interface)
> or
>    ii) the which unfortunate hiatus in commentary indicates simply that I
> have failed to engage with the relevant worthies of this parish
> Also, Iris (privately) mentioned something about "CSRs that add/modify
> public APIs in the "java.*" modules". Does that mean there is more
> paperwork to come? Now or later?
> Advice on how to progress would be very welcome.
> regards,
> Andrew Dinn
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> Red Hat UK Ltd
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