RFR 8213031: (zipfs) Add support for POSIX file permissions

Langer, Christoph christoph.langer at sap.com
Mon Nov 5 14:23:22 UTC 2018

Hi Chris

> The reason I asked about the CSR scope clarification is that it was
> unclear to me what the ultimate intentions are, given that the previous
> mails ( linked to from the CSR ) did have Java SE API changes ( in the
> java.util.zip package ).
> Are you now happy to reduce the scope of the proposal to be confined to
> the "jar" filesystem provider, or is this more of an initial step
> towards ultimately adding new Java SE APIs, to zip, to access these
> permissions ( as was in previous emails )? As well as possibly updating
> the tools to add such?

The latter thing is true. I reduced the scope of my initial proposal to the "jar" filesystem provider here with the intention to get in this piece more quickly, if not at all. Maybe changes to java.util.zip and tools aren't feasible - we'll see.

Furthermore, assuming changes can be done with JDK12, I consider the jdk.zipfs piece "backportable", at least for our OpenJDK build SapMachine (https://sapmachine.io). So having it separate would definitely ease the backporting into SapMachine 11 - which is the target for a customer of ours.


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