RFR: JDK-8212780: JEP 343: Packaging Tool Implementation

Philip Race philip.race at oracle.com
Mon Nov 12 21:54:02 UTC 2018

On 11/12/18, 1:45 PM, Andy Herrick wrote:
> On 11/12/2018 3:22 PM, Philip Race wrote:
>> Adding build-dev back ..
>> I noticed that module jdk.jpackager.runtime requires java.desktop on 
>> all platforms
>> So far as I can tell this is for a Mac-only support for receiving and
>> handling file open events. Probably it only makes sense or gets used
>> when the API is used from a running desktop application.
>> I might ask if we need this at all, but I definitely think it should
>> not be required on all platforms if needed only for Mac even if
>> we might want it on windows in a future version.
>> Do we not envisage cases where you need the runtime API for
>> some kind of daemon service for which there should be a singleton ?
>> Do you really want to force the desktop module to be dragged along
>> in such a case ?
>> I think we should remove this dependency even if it means losing a
>> MacOS feature at least for now.
> 1.) we could remove that functionality (I don't even really understand 
> the use case for it), and remove the two arg registerSingleInstance 
> method from the public interface, and remove the requires statement in 
> module-info.java.
I was thinking remove it as above since since even the javadoc for that 
feels obliged to say it is just for macos :-

   95     /**
   96      * Registers {@code SingleInstanceListener} for current process.
   97      * If the {@code SingleInstanceListener} object is already registered, or
   98      * {@code slistener} is {@code null}, then the registration is skipped.
   99      *
  100      * @param slistener the listener to handle the single instance behaviour.
  101      * @param setFileHandler if {@code true}, the listener is notified when the
  102      *         application is asked to open a list of files. If OS is not MacOS,
  103      *         the parameter is ignored.
  104      */

yuck. If such optional functionality is needed it needs to be done via
adding a "doesPlatformSupportFileHandler() method rather than saying the above.


> or ...
> 2.) we could move that functionality to a platform dependent class, 
> having dummy methods of setOpenFileHandler in the windows and linux  
> platform dependent class.  Then we could add a module-info.java.extra 
> in src/jdk.jpackager.runtime/macos/classes with that requires statement.
> /Andy
>> -phil.
>> On 11/11/18, 2:40 PM, Andy Herrick wrote:
>>> On 11/9/2018 5:25 PM, Andy Herrick wrote:
>>>> This is an update to the Request For Review of the implementation 
>>>> of the Java Packager Tool (jpackager) as described in JEP 343: 
>>>> Packaging Tool <https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8200758>
>>>> This refresh renames the packages used to jdk.jpackager and 
>>>> jdk.jpackager.runtime, removes the JNLPConverter demo, adds an 
>>>> initial set of automated tests, and contains fixes to the following 
>>>> issues:
>>>> JDK-8213324 jpackager deletes existing app directory without warning
>>>> JDK-8213166 jpackager --argument arg is broken
>>>> JDK-8213163 --app-image arg does not work creating exe installers
>>>> JDK-8212089 Prepare packager for localization
>>>> JDK-8212537 Create method and class description comments for main 
>>>> functionality
>>>> JDK-8213332 Create minimal automated tests for jpackager
>>>> JDK-8213333 Fix issues found in jpackager with automated tests
>>>> JDK-8213394 Stop using Log.info() except for expected output.
>>>> JDK-8213345 Secondary Launchers broken on mac.
>>>> JDK-8213156 rename packages for jpackager
>>>> JDK-8213244 Fix all warnings in jpackager java code
>>>> JDK-8212143 Remove native code that supports UserJvmOptionsService
>>>> JDK-8213162 Association description in Inno Setup cannot contain 
>>>> double quotes
>>>> The following additional issues are targeted to be address in the 
>>>> next few weeks:
>>>> JDK-8212936     Makefile and other improvements for jpackager
>>>> JDK-8212164     resolve jre.list and jre.module.list
>>>> JDK-8213392     Enhance --help and --version
>>>> JDK-8208652     File name is not passed to main() via file 
>>>> association on OS X
>>>> JDK-8212538     Determine standard way to determine if a Modular jar
>>>> JDK-8213558     Create more unit tests
>>> Note: The above issues are targeted to 'internal' - meaning we 
>>> expect to resolve them in the sandbox before the initial push to JDK12.
>>> Issues targeted to '12' are expected to be fixed after the initial 
>>> push.
>>> /Andy
>>>> Webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~herrick/8212780/webrev.2/
>>>> please send feedback to core-libs-dev at openjdk.java.net
>>>> /Andy Herrick

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