RFR JDK-8213909: jdeps --print-module-deps should report missing dependences

Mandy Chung mandy.chung at oracle.com
Thu Nov 15 00:16:54 UTC 2018

This patch improves `jdeps --print-module-deps`, `--list-deps` and
`--list-reduced-deps` to report missing dependences and also do transitive
dependence analysis as the default.

Webrev at:

$ jdeps --class-path libs --print-module-deps app.jar

`--print-module-deps` finds the modules required by the specified 
Its result can be used to create a runtime image for such application to 
The current behavior does not report missing dependences.  In addition,
`--print-module-deps` only reports module dependences required by app.jar.
To include the transitive module dependences required by libs, if 
-R option can be used.

If -R option is not specified, app.jar will fail to run on the runtime 
created by the output from `jdeps --print-module-deps`.  The patch changes
the default behavior to do transitive analysis.  In addition, it will report
as an error if any dependence is missing and not found.
The --ignore-missing-deps option can be used to ignore missing deps.

This patch also includes a simple fix in JdepsTask.ResourceBundleHelper for:
    JDK-8168869: jdeps: localized messages don't use proper line breaks

I can separate it in its own changeset when I push.


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