jpackaged .app not compatible with macOS sandboxing?

Kustaa Nyholm kustaa.nyholm at
Thu Apr 4 12:32:11 UTC 2019

> On 4 Apr 2019, at 14.47, Kevin Rushforth <kevin.rushforth at> wrote:
> I have seen this problem running robot-based tests on Mojave using a standard JDK, so I don't think this is specific to jpackage. I had to grant permission to control the computer to the terminal used to execute java rather than java itself. You could try that as a workaround.
> -- Kevin

Thanks Kevin,

can you elaborate a bit as I did not fully follow what you wrote.

As I launch the application by double clicking at the .app where does the terminal come in?

Also is this a work around for being able to grant the control to the app or 
to the phenomenon that the icon and name are wrong in the System Preferences pane
where the access is granted?

wbr Kusti

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