jpackage producing non-working binaries on Windows

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Wed May 1 17:56:15 UTC 2019

When you say "doesn't do anything when run", do you perhaps mean that 
you have some print statements in your program and you don't see them 
when you run it from a command shell? If so, then this is expected, and 
you need to add the "--win-console" option.

If it's something else, then Alexey's suggestion is the next thing to try.

-- Kevin

On 5/1/2019 10:34 AM, Alexey Semenyuk wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> What is your jpackage command line? Could you please rerun it with 
> JPACKAGE_DEBUG environment variable set to "true".
> - Alexey
> On 4/30/2019 11:15 AM, Tom Anderson wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am trying out the early-access jpackage tool. It works perfectly on 
>> Linux, but on Windows produces a binary which does not do anything 
>> when run.
>> I would like to either fix any error i have made, or help you 
>> identify a bug, if there is one!
>> Is this the right place to come with this problem? If not, where 
>> should i go? Is there a list of known issues other than on the 
>> download page [1]? What debugging steps should i try? Would a 
>> self-contained example be helpful to you? What other information 
>> would you like?
>> Regards,
>> tom
>> [1]

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