Problem with jpackage/Windows and using a different runtime

Klaus Friese kfriese at
Thu May 9 11:50:47 UTC 2019


I downloaded the jpackage EA version from 
for some tests and I run into problems when using a different runtime 
(OpenJDK12) on Windows.

This is my setting:
OpenJDK12 installed in c:\Program Files\OpenJDK12
OpenJDK13 with jpackage installed c:\Program Files\OpenJDK13

I created runtimes for both versions with:

    jlink --output myruntime
         --module-path ../jmods
         --add-modules ALL-MODULE-PATH

I created the app with

    jpackage create-app-image ^
         -o "/MyProject" ^
         -i /MyProject/path/to/my/jars ^
         -n application ^
         --runtime-image ..\..\OpenJDK12\bin\myruntime ^
         --main-class my.application.main.class ^
         --main-jar main.jar

On Windows:
When using the OpenJDK13 runtime everything is fine.
When using the OpenJDK12 runtime the app doesn't start and I just get 
the message "Failed to load JVM"

On MacOS
OpenJDK12 and OpenJDK13 are working fine.

Is this an error in jpackage or is the error on my side?

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