RFR: JDK-8212780: JEP 343: Packaging Tool Implementation

Roger Riggs Roger.Riggs at oracle.com
Fri May 10 19:39:34 UTC 2019

Hi Andy,

Thanks for logging the issues.
>> CLIHelp:
>>  - 58, 65, 72, 80: Indentation of pLaunchOptions does not line up.
> I don't see what you mean here.  Looks lined up to me
The lines with pLaunchOptions have tabs instead of spaces.
jcheck has some complaints about tabs and trailing spaces.

>> IOUtils:
>>  - 262: why the mix of ProcessBuilder and Runtime.exec  - stick to 
>> ProcessBuilder
> added to this case to JDK-8223334
>> Log:
>>    "JPACKAGE_DEBUG" environment variable - ? uppercase, documented?
> implemented as strictly upper case, what do we have to do to document ?
Usually java applications use system properties, not environment variables.
I can see the need for access to PATH to find the tools, but a debugging 
flag seems like an outlier.
I suppose it is an undocumented implementation detail and does not need 
to be documented.

Thanks, Roger

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