How to identify prioritized bugs/enhancements needing working on?

Andrew Leonard andrew_m_leonard at
Wed May 22 18:06:29 UTC 2019

I'm currently looking through the "bugs" database to see what 
issues/enhancements I can help out with.. but struggling a bit to find a 
clear list of what looks like a suitably prioritized bug/enhancement to 
work on.
How best could I view what should be looked at for the upcoming releases? 
or is it just sort by P1/2/3/4 and a "pick what looks interesting/doable" 
Generally looking in this maillist at what bugs are being fixed currently, 
it seems generally bugs are newly raised for whatever jep/feature happened 
to be being worked on, and not a lot of the older backlog?
Any guidance pointing me at where I can concentrate my efforts to 
contribute would be much appreciated.
Many Thanks

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