jdk-14-jpackage+1-33 on jdk.java.net

Sverre Moe sverre.moe at gmail.com
Mon Sep 2 11:14:32 UTC 2019

I am having problem with arguments not being passed to the application.
The fix JDK-8224486 in this EA release seems to have something to do with
arguments, but it is actually just the JavaOptions.

The options in ArgOptions in the jpackage cfg does not seem to be passed to
the application


This is not passed to the application. When I add it manually on the
command line then it works.
./build/native/application/bin/application --log-level=ALL

Is this a known bug with the jpackage?


tor. 22. aug. 2019 kl. 00:27 skrev Andy Herrick <andy.herrick at oracle.com>:

> The next EA build of JPackage is available at
> https://jdk.java.net/jpackage/
> This build ( jdk-14-jpackage+1-33 ) (2019/8/20) is the next early access
> release based on JDK-14
> This release contains fixes to the following issues:
> JDK-8229788     Error dialog displays with DLL issue when installing
> WinChooserTest application
> JDK-8225447     Revise Debian packaging
> JDK-8213941     Debian linux problems in JavaPackager
> JDK-8229334     jpackage .exe packages cannot be executed due to missing
> JDK-8227058     Regressions related to no longer setting user.dir
> JDK-8226599     use code coverage results to remove dead code
> JDK-8226191     jpackager --license-file option broken on windows for
> jdk installers.
> JDK-8215381     Investigate if current implementation of --license-file
> is correct for Debian packages
> JDK-8229138     Add --linux-app-release option for DEB and RPM packages
> JDK-8229791     Code clean up regressions
> JDK-8229786     No output after WinShortcutTest.exe is launched
> JDK-8229750     Fix bad merge of JDK-8215447 patch
> JDK-8215446     JPackageCreateInstallerInstallDirTest fails on OLE7
> JDK-8215447     Investigate if current implementation of --license-file
> is correct for RPM packages
> JDK-8227172     revert JDK-8225569 on windows
> JDK-8224788     jpackage fails on OS X when using --runtime-image
> JDK-8229252     Add descriptions to Windows jtreg tests
> JDK-8228744     file associations broken on linux.
> JDK-8227312     Remove pkg bundle from DMG image.
> JDK-8228722     jpackage RPM tests fail on some versions of rpmbuild
> JDK-8222778     Packaging Tool (JEP 343) on Linux/AArch64
> JDK-8224627     Creating installer with --runtime-image on OS X fails
> JDK-8226904     current working directory wrong running jpackage app
> JDK-8224486     Arguments from jpackager cfg file not processed correctly
> JDK-8226835     Command window pops up building exe package
> JDK-8225092     Several jpackage tests failed when run with jcov enabled
> /Andy

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