Feedback JEP 343: jpackage --win-menu

Andy Herrick andy.herrick at
Thu Sep 12 14:32:33 UTC 2019

Strange ...

I can't seem to reproduce any scenario where msi installer created by 
jpackage won't install a shortcut, but from the message:

"Multiple launchers found in predefined app-image. jvm will be used as 
primary launcher."

It seems that  you are using a predefined app-image  and there are 
multiple launchers in the app-image, and the code is choosing "jvm" as 
the primary one (the one a shortcut will be created for).

This may be the wrong launcher.  When an installer is built for an 
existing app-image, it doesn't know the name of the app, it looks for 
the config file  in <root>/app/

If there are multiple cfg files (like you built the app-image with 
--add-launcher it is just taking the first one.

Is it possible this is what is happening in your case ?


On 9/12/2019 9:54 AM, Christopher Merrill wrote:
> I am using build 14-jpackage+1-35 with WiX to build an MSI
> installer. If I am understanding the comments in thread "RFR: JDK-8229779:
> Shortcut creation policy", a start menu entry (and desktop shortcut?)
> should always be produced with this version of jpackage command line
> options? The MSI installer I've created does not create a start menu entry,
> even when I include the --win-menu option. Other people seem to have the
> opposite problem (start menu item when they don't want it), so clearly I'm
> doing something wrong...
> C:\Apps\OpenJDKs\jdk-14/bin/jpackage --package-type msi --output
> D:\Work\MuseProject\ide\closed\install\build\jpackage --name
> MuseIDE-launcher --app-image
> D:\Work\MuseProject\ide\closed\install\build\jpackage/MuseIDE-launcher
> --win-per-user-install --win-menu --app-version 3.1 --name MuseIDE-Launcher
> Other than this message, which I assume is a warning, the execution is
> successful:
>    Multiple launchers found in predefined app-image. jvm will be used as
> primary launcher.
> Are there other options that would influence getting a start menu item
> added by the installer?
> FWIW, I am using gradle with the org.beryx.runtime plugin to create the
> image and installer. Are there settings/options/stuff in the image that
> would affect creation of the start menu item?
> TIA!
> Chris

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