RFR [14/java.xml] 8230814: Enable SAX ContentHandler to handle XML Declaration

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Sat Sep 14 08:08:20 UTC 2019

On 13/09/2019 21:50, Joe Wang wrote:
> :
> It can be said that the SAX project, in terms of the API work, was 
> dead a long time ago. There hasn't been any updates/changes since SAX 
> 2.0.2 released in 2004[1]. SAX is in public domain [2]. Sun/Oracle 
> incorporated SAX2 in Java SE with a GPL license. I assume we're free 
> to make changes. Please let me know if you think otherwise.
I'm not objecting to notifying the content handler of declarations. I'm 
also not discussing licenses. I'm mostly concerned that ContentHandler 
and all the other classes in this API point the reader to the SAX 
project as the place to go for documentation and more information. Has 
there been any effort to find a contact for the SAX project on 
soucreforge and get them to put an EOL notice on the main page? 
Alternatively, if the SAX API in Java SE is getting a second wind then 
maybe the links to the SAX project could be reduced to a historical note.


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