Comments on jpackage (JEP 343)

Philip Race philip.race at
Tue Sep 17 03:13:14 UTC 2019

I've been thinking about this.
output is nicely symmetrical with input and in the case of a default 
app-image it is more than a single item
and personally I'd much rather it not clutter my working directory and 
again you get symmetry with input
which you really want to specify  but I'd concede it to be "." as a 
default over changing the name to dest ...

There is also precedent :
jlink uses -output and these two tools are going to be frequently used 

So I would like to see the status quo.


On 9/3/19, 11:58 AM, mark.reinhold at wrote:
>    - The `--output`/`-o` option is confusing.  It doesn’t name the output
>      itself, but rather a directory into which the single item of output
>      will be placed.  Typing `-o .` all the time is just annoying.  It’d
>      be more logical to rename this option to `--dest`/`-d` and to make it
>      optional, with a default value of `.`.

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