Comments on jpackage (JEP 343)

Philip Race philip.race at
Tue Sep 17 03:24:15 UTC 2019

 > but I'd concede it to be "." as a default

On second thoughts I am not sure about that either.
I find it much cleaner to know what was generated by looking in a new 
directory rather than
hunting in my current directory, especially for the default app-image 
case which will dump
a bunch of unfamiliar files.


On 9/16/19, 8:13 PM, Philip Race wrote:
> I've been thinking about this.
> output is nicely symmetrical with input and in the case of a default 
> app-image it is more than a single item
> and personally I'd much rather it not clutter my working directory and 
> again you get symmetry with input
> which you really want to specify  but I'd concede it to be "." as a 
> default over changing the name to dest ...
> There is also precedent :
> jlink uses -output and these two tools are going to be frequently used 
> together.
> So I would like to see the status quo.
> -phil.
> On 9/3/19, 11:58 AM, mark.reinhold at wrote:
>>    - The `--output`/`-o` option is confusing.  It doesn’t name the 
>> output
>>      itself, but rather a directory into which the single item of output
>>      will be placed.  Typing `-o .` all the time is just annoying.  It’d
>>      be more logical to rename this option to `--dest`/`-d` and to 
>> make it
>>      optional, with a default value of `.`.

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