Comments on jpackage (JEP 343)

Sverre Moe at
Thu Sep 19 07:43:51 UTC 2019

Yes it would seem so.

I am still perplexed to why it has an RPM Requires
That one does not exist as far as I can find anywhere. It is not provided
with the ffmpeg package.
I thought perhaps it was the same library as only named
differently, but considering that also is listed among the Requires it is a
distinct package.
As to why it has this Requires, perhaps I need to address it at the JavaFX

How does jpackage accumulate its RPM Requires list? I thought it had it in
a default RPM spec file, but I don't see how that can be, we use our own
custom spec file, and jpackage adds many additional Requires not used in
our own. Only when javafx-web is within the built runtime image used with
jpackage, is these extra Requires used.
The RPM spec template file does not have any hard coded Requires, only
those from PACKAGE_DEPENDENCIES. I looked around in the source code, and
could only see this was set from the command line arguments for
dependencies. Does it scan the runtime image to produce its additional
Requires list? I have the javafx as dependencies in my project, but those
are not "scanned" for linux package dependencies.

Trying with the --linux-package-deps none of those dependencies ended up in
the built RPM package. Only those from jpackage and those from our custom
spec file.


tor. 19. sep. 2019 kl. 01:09 skrev Michael Paus <mp at>:

> If you don't use audio or video, you will probably not need it.
> Have a look here:
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> >
> > It is actually the javafx-web module that requires these.
> >
> > Anyone know what part of the Web module that needs the libavcodec and
> > libavcoded-ffmpeg?
> >
> > We are using a small part of the web module, just WebView for Tooltip
> with
> > HTML. No Video or Audio.
> >
> > /Sverre

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