Build errors - JDK-8200758-branch

Scott Hill shill at
Tue Sep 24 21:23:10 UTC 2019

Build fails on my CI Window Server 2008 & 2012 agents.
I am only able to get it to build on a Windows 10 system.

[12:49:04][Step 1/1] ERROR: Build failed for target 'jdk' in configuration 'windows-x86-server-release' (exit code 2)
[12:49:05][Step 1/1]
[12:49:05][Step 1/1] === Output from failing command(s) repeated here ===
[12:49:05][Step 1/1] * For target support_native_jdk.jpackage_libjpackage_WindowsRegistry.obj:
[12:49:05][Step 1/1] WindowsRegistry.cpp
[12:49:05][Step 1/1] c:\progra~2\micros~2.0\vc\include\tchar.h(24) : fatal error C1189: #error : Need to include strsafe.h after tchar.h
[12:49:05][Step 1/1] ... (rest of output omitted)
[12:49:05][Step 1/1]
[12:49:05][Step 1/1] * All command lines available in /cygdrive/e/BuildAgent/work/ccdca5c47124cb38/build/windows-x86-server-release/make-support/failure-logs.
[12:49:05][Step 1/1] === End of repeated output ===

Build script:

make dist-clean bash configure --with-target-bits=32 --disable-warnings-as-errors make jdk

Any help would be appreciated.


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