Comments on jpackage (JEP 343)

Sverre Moe at
Wed Sep 25 13:45:36 UTC 2019

I have some new comments regarding the Windows build of jpackage.

Is there any way to build an trusted application installer using WiX?
I want to avoid "Unknown Publisher" when installing the application.
Also having problems with Windows Defender SmartScreen, depending on what
settings the user has (Block, Warn, Off).
If Block, the user cannot install the application. If Warn, the user can
click "More info", then "Run anyway".

The EXE installer details has no information about the actual application
it will install.
File version: 14.0.0
Product Name OpenJDK Platform 14
Product version: 14
This is not quite right, since the application was built with Java 11, only
packaged with jpackage from Java 14.
Should it not use the name and app version supplied to jpackage on these

Original filename: msiwrapper.msi.
It should be the name supplied to jpackage used here at least >

Building an MSI has much better detail properties, but a couple of the
description properties says nothing about the actual application.
Title: Installation Database
Comments: This installer database contains the logic and data required to
install applicationName.
Any way to change the title and comments?

The icon for the installer file is not using the one from the resource
directory. If supplied the --icon argument is not used.
Both Explorer and List of installed application shows a generic application

MSI installer has a Category detail property. Perhaps jpackage should have
an --windows-category argument.

Help text for --icon argument should mention that it needs to be an ICO
when packaging on Windows.

Currently there is no way to supply a custom WXS file to WiX in the
resource directory. Perhaps this could help further customization.


tor. 19. sep. 2019 kl. 20:29 skrev Kevin Rushforth <
kevin.rushforth at>:

> OK, that makes sense. Andy has already implemented this change (pushed
> it to the sandbox), so it will be in the next EA build.
> -- Kevin
> On 9/19/2019 10:25 AM, mark.reinhold at wrote:
> > jlink’s -o/--output option names exactly the thing being output,
> > rather than a container for the thing being output.
> >
> > The jpackage option we’re discussing here names a container for the
> > thing being output, much like the -d option of javac and javadoc.
> >
> > Using -d/--dest for jpackage is consistent with the JDK’s other
> > command-line tools.
> >
> > - Mark

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