[11u] RFR[M]: 8250902: Implement MD5 Intrinsics on x86

Ludovic Henry luhenry at microsoft.com
Sat Aug 8 17:30:07 UTC 2020

Hi Andrew, Vladimir,

> It's too early for that: changes are supposed to bake in JDK head for
> a while. Also, since it's an enhancement rather than a bug fix we'd
> need to have the discussion. I would say it's marginal whether
> something like this should be back ported.

> Usually we backport only bugs fixes to keep LTS (11u) release stable.

It makes perfect sense. I'm happy to wait longer, and follow up on that thread later on to check if there is any appetite to get it backported.

> You need also point if backport applied cleanly or you have to make changes.

The code conflicts were trivial as the infrastructure for intrinsics didn't change much since 11 (and even 8).


> Changes should be backported separately to keep track - do not combine changes.
> But it is okay to push both changesets together (especially if followup changes fixed first).

Sorry I do not fully understand. Is it ok in this case to combine both changes into a single changeset, since the second one is a followup that fixes the first one? Or should I still make 2 changeset, but have them pushed together?

Thank you,

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