RFR(M): 8248188: [PATCH] Add HotSpotIntrinsicCandidate and API for Base64 decoding

Corey Ashford cjashfor at linux.ibm.com
Wed Aug 19 22:11:11 UTC 2020

Hi Roger,

Thank you for your reply. I wasn't aware of this practice, and will get 
to work on creating and contributing a test.


- Corey

On 8/19/20 11:20 AM, Roger Riggs wrote:
> Hi Corey,
> For changes obviously performance motivated, it is conventional to run a 
> JMH perf test to demonstate
> the improvement and prove it is worthwhile to add code complexity.
> I don't see any existing Base64 JMH tests but they would be in the repo 
> below or near:
>      test/micro/org/openjdk/bench/java/util/
> Please contribute a JMH test and results to show the difference.
> Regards, Roger

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