Review request for JDK-8252124: Restore Dynalink tests

Attila Szegedi szegedia at
Thu Aug 20 20:20:51 UTC 2020

Hi folks,

long time since I actively popped up here. I’m taking some time to maintain Dynalink, eyeing Java 16 for the changes. Since the nashorn-dev list is (presumably? I haven’t bother checking) defunct, I asked around and Sundar suggested core-libs-dev is the right list to post review requests, so here I am.

I plan to do the maintenance in three small stages, and this is the first one. The stages are:
- restore some Dynalink tests (they were thrown out with Nashorn)
- modernize/lint the Dynalink codebase (it was written for Java 7 originally for… reasons, and by now it could have diamonds, lambdas and so on)
- add support for records (the real end goal here.)

As stage 1, please review JDK-8252124 "Restore Dynalink tests" at <> for <>. 

It restores those Dynalink tests that are not dependent on Nashorn, so I again have a bit of a coverage as I work on it. They were taken from  jdk14/test/nashorn/src/jdk/dynalink and moved into jdk/test/jdk/jdk/dynalink as proper jtreg-run tests. I flattened the package hierarchy into just the unnamed package (which seems to be the usual way of writing tests in the neighboring directories.) I added the total of 8 test classes to the “jdk_other” test group, it seemed the appropriate group.


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