Review request for JDK-8251538: Modernize and lint Dynalink code

Attila Szegedi szegedia at
Thu Aug 20 20:40:53 UTC 2020

Following up on the previous e-mail, here’s the modernization and linting work on the existing Dynalink codebase:

Please review JDK-8251538 "Modernize and lint Dynalink code" at <> for <>

The Jira issue has a full enumeration of kinds of changes I did here; they’re mostly all source text removals :-)

Oh, BTW, I really got an inspiration for adding “public static ClassValue<T> computingValue(Function<Class<?>, T> f)” method to ClassValue class, similar to Comparator.comparing. It’d allow lambdifying class values. (If you’re listening, John :-) I suspect it being in java.lang would be a JCP-level change so I kind-of don’t want to take it upon myself…)


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