jpackage bugs

Michael Hall mik3hall at
Sat Apr 17 09:05:58 UTC 2021

> On Apr 17, 2021, at 12:14 AM, David Holmes <david.holmes at> wrote:
> Note the bug referenced is closed as "incomplete" - that is a temporary state while awaiting additional information  (usually from the submitter). If we never hear back from the submitter then it will be closed with a different (more terminal) state. If we do hear back then the bug gets reopened.

I was unaware of this distinction. Then I will attempt to come up with a simpler reproducible test case but I don’t know if I’ll succeed. If the test that didn’t reproduce that is mentioned in the comments was available I could try to compare that with what I am doing for differences. 

I could provide my invocation parameters to the email requesting the reproducer. That is my only direct involvement. If it is something else particular to the application itself I don’t know what that might be. Modular vs. my non-modular? Or something like that maybe. I think this always embeds the current JDK and I have checked against more than one so it doesn’t seem to be JDK version specific.

Thanks for pointing this status information out.

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