jpackage regression on Windows

Sverre Moe at
Tue Apr 27 06:42:16 UTC 2021

Seems it was filed, and has already been fixed in JDK17

Strange, I searched, but could not find any issues when I filed my bug


man. 26. apr. 2021 kl. 19:19 skrev Sverre Moe < at>:

> There was a regression introduced in JDK 15 of jpackage tool on Windows.
> The file permission of the built EXE has changed. The file is now ReadOnly.
> Both EXE and MSI was ReadWrite, now
> EXE is Read-Only while MSI is still Read-Write
> The EXE can no longer be signed because it cannot be modified.
> I just filed a bug report on this
> internal review ID : 9070046
> /Sverre

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