Integrated: 8183374: Refactor java/lang/Runtime shell tests to java

Fernando Guallini fguallini at
Wed Apr 28 14:03:59 UTC 2021

On Mon, 19 Apr 2021 15:07:16 GMT, Fernando Guallini <fguallini at> wrote:

> Refactor the following shell tests to java:
> test/jdk/java/lang/RuntimeTests/shutdown/
> test/jdk/java/lang/Runtime/exec/
> In addition, the test SetCwd was running itself in separate java subprocesses in order to exercise Runtime.exec. It was creating a folder structure with multiple test class copies to distinguish between main and child processes to prevent an infinite recursion. That logic is simplified now, tests follow the testng annotations flow whereas the subprocesses entry point is a nested class main

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8183374: Refactor java/lang/Runtime shell tests to java

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