RFR: 6594730: UUID.getVersion() is only meaningful for Leach-Salz variant

some-java-user-99206970363698485155 at vodafonemail.de some-java-user-99206970363698485155 at vodafonemail.de
Fri Jan 15 15:53:14 UTC 2021

>   1. Replace ` ` with a normal space, that should work as well and is easier to read
Looks like my e-mail client was so kind and replaced the HTML character reference. It should have said:
"Replace `& nbsp ;` with a normal space, ..."

Additionally, if you want to search for projects using UUID.version() you can use the following
CodeQL query:

You can (in addition to the example projects), specify custom projects to scan as well, see

Kind regards

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