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John Crowley jdcrowley at
Sun Jan 24 14:28:05 UTC 2021

Hi All,

Have been having a problem trying to use jpackage to sign an app and submit it to the Apple Store.

Attached are the following:
— the script which invokes jpackage. Note that the attached ’…txt’ files show the values for all of the variables.
— the output of this script
— the output of the script running with —verbose

To try to summarize all of the attached:
Trying to create a signed DiskOrganizer-x.y.z.pkg to upload to the Apple Store.
The problem is with mac-sign and the attempt to load to the Apple Store. Otherwise, have successfully created .app, .pkg, and .dmg versions and they all execute/install as expected on my Mac (except as noted directly below in (4)).
This attempt used the jpackage in JDK 16-ea, build 31. Had essentially the same results using JDK 15.0.1
Not shown in the attached is that if you try to manually start by going to DiskOrganizer/Contents/MacOS and execute ./DiskOrganizer directly, it fails with — Error opening "/Applications/" file: No such file or directory — Note the ../Contents/Contents/app… Can fix this after installation by putting in a symlink: ln -s . Contents within the Contents directory.

The last step of the script invokes xcrun altool —validate-app to validate, comments on these specific errors:
jpackage generates the Info.plist - some errors from this follow. Tried to make a copy of Info.plist, fix it, and then copy back into the .app, but this then invalidates the signature from —mac-sign.
Key LSApplicationCategoryType contains Unknown. Probably need a jpackage —mac-category <type> to allow the user to set this.
Installer package may not include install scripts. No idea where such scripts may be located. There are no scripts in the ./inputs directory. Maybe in the runtime created by jlink?
The following executables must include the "" entitlement with a Boolean value of true in the entitlements property list: [( "DiskOrganizer-app.pkg/Payload/", "DiskOrganizer-app.pkg/Payload/"   Probably need an —mac-entitlements <file> option in order to add this, and any other app-specific entitlements, to the code signing step.
Ensure that it is signed with your "3rd Party Mac Developer Installer" certificate. Don’t understand this - have assumed that the default was to use the Developer ID Application and Developer ID Installer certs (which are in my keychain). Are the "3rd Party …" certs also needed?
Error in keyPath [product-metadata.product-identifier] — No idea where this resides. Do you know?   
Error in keyPath [product-metadata.product-version — Ditto
The lowest minimum system version [none] in the Product Definition Property List — .. does not equal 10.9 (from the Info.plist). Any idea where this gets set on the Apple side? Is it supposed to be somewhere within the .pkg? Maybe need a —mac-min-version <x.y.z> keyword?
Cannot find executable file that matches the value of CFBundleExecutable in the nested bundle DiskOrganizer [DiskOrganizer-app.pkg/Payload/] property list file.) — No idea what this means. The generated .pkg does in fact install OK on my machine, and /Applications/ launches OK with a double-click.
For Apple Store you have a Version (<key>CFBundleShortVersionString</key>) which would be set by —app-version and is the version visible to the user. But can also have a <key>CFBundleVersion</key> which is really the build number. This must be 3 numbers separated by periods and must change for each upload to the store. So would be good to be able to set —app-version 1.0 and —app-build 1.0.4 (or —mac-build) to be able to set both values. Otherwise the end user will see things like 1.0.23 (it took 23 uploads to make it through the Apple Store process) - which will be confusing.

Sorry for the length of this email, but have been messing around for well over a week with no success. Also tried using jpackage without the —mac-sign, running 'codesign' directly, etc. Still have not found the magic wand to make this all work.

Would appreciate any suggestions. Would love to hear "You’re doing it wrong, use this set of jpackage options"! 

Otherwise, suggestions or pointers to any on-line documents that would help would be great. (Have been Googling everything about this, but almost all of the "answers" assume that you are using Xcode and tell you what parameters to set - nothing about the resulting in-the-trenches process that Xcode then executes.)


John Crowley
Charlotte, NC
j.crowley at

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