RFR: JDK-8273194: Document the two possible cases when Lookup::ensureInitialized returns [v2]

Mandy Chung mchung at openjdk.java.net
Thu Sep 2 16:23:55 UTC 2021

On Thu, 2 Sep 2021 14:00:03 GMT, Alan Bateman <alanb at openjdk.org> wrote:

>> Mandy Chung has updated the pull request incrementally with one additional commit since the last revision:
>>   review comment
> src/java.base/share/classes/java/lang/invoke/MethodHandles.java line 2787:
>> 2785:          * This method returns when {@code targetClass} is fully initialized, or
>> 2786:          * when {@code targetClass} is being initialized if this method is called
>> 2787:          * by the initializing thread.
> This looks okay but I wonder if it might be a bit clearer to say "when targetClass is being initialized on the current thread".

That works for me.  Updated.


PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/jdk/pull/5343

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