What causes java.lang.InternalError: platform encoding not initialized ?

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Tue Sep 21 13:31:14 UTC 2021

On 21/09/2021 14:21, Andy Herrick wrote:
> I don't see anything wrong with this offhand. the runtime should be 
> able to be anywhere if the cfg files "app.runtime" line points to it.
> Is this on windows ? Is the the released JDK17 used both for the 
> jlinked runtime and the jpackage tool ?
> Are there any libraries in $APPDIR (which is added to the $PATH env 
> variable on windows) which could be interfering with encoding 
> initialization ?
> Can you try the following experiment:
> manually edit the cfg file line:
> app.runtime=$APPDIR\..\my_own_folder\where_the_jre_is_deeper\jre
> to contain the canonical path to 
> ...\my_own_folder\where_the_jre_is_deeper\jre
> and try again ?

The exception suggests that something is seriously broken, maybe that 
early VM initialization didn't execute correctly but I can't see what it 
didn't fail earlier. It would be great if there are steps to duplicate this.


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