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Igor Nekrestyanov Igor.Nekrestyanov at Sun.COM
Thu Aug 2 09:15:39 UTC 2007

Hi Dan,

Of course i've tested these changes on all platforms including both 32 
and 64 bit Windows.
It is "believed to build and work" because we had not performed full 
testing of openjdk binaries
and we know that build can be fragile due to different build environments.

My tests are not "ideal" for number of reasons:
  1) It is not exactly same bits as b17 code drop (because someone else 
could integrate after me, etc.)
  2) I was using binary plugs created from my personal workspace.
      I believe they should be the same as those to be published with 
b17 code drop but this is my assumption.
      We work on removing them and may be they changed
  3) after all it was me who updated docs regarding freetype build. 
perhaps i imply some knowledge :)

Change is not small and harmless. So issues are possible despite 
multiple code reviews.
In fact one of severe build issues was found soon after my putback (fix 
for it went into b17).

As of now at least several other people tried to build openjdk with 
freetype-related changes on some platforms and it worked
for them. So hopefully this means this will work for you too :)
If not then i hope we can identify problem and fix it together.

BTW, for windows build you will need to build freetype.dll (i tried only 
dll built with visualc).
I believe that freetype build system does not generate .dll on windows 
and therefore
some manual tweaking of freetype makefiles (and sources) might be 
For cross platform build of freetype dll for windows 64 some additional 
changes were required.


Dan Fabulich wrote:
> Anthony Petrov wrote:
>> I'm afraid that until someone tells us exactly: "I've got the 
>> following problems with builds on Windows: this, this, and this", we 
>> can't help you at all, can we?..
> Of course you can! :-)  What I'm suggesting is that someone at Sun 
> *test* the Windows build on their end, using the same OpenJDK source, 
> plugs, and documentation that we're following, to make sure that the 
> build can work at least once.
> Specifically, we know for sure that all of the builds we've gotten so 
> far can't be built on Windows using the provided binary plugs (due to 
> at least one missing file); the hope is that b17 will make it possible 
> to build on Windows.  What I'm asking is that someone at Sun try it 
> out once, just to make sure.
> I'm looking for someone to say "this build works for me; it is 
> possible to build this code without patching it."  Think of it as 
> doing QA on the build process.  If it doesn't work for Sun engineers, 
> it certainly won't work for us.
> -Dan
> </div>

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