encumbrances update

Igor Nekrestyanov Igor.Nekrestyanov at Sun.COM
Thu Aug 2 19:39:01 UTC 2007

>> My tests are not "ideal" for number of reasons:
>> 2) I was using binary plugs created from my personal workspace.
>>      I believe they should be the same as those to be published with 
>> b17 code drop but this is my assumption.
> We know for certain that this assumption is FALSE.  No binary plug 
> given to the public has ever built successfully on Windows; since your 
> personal plugs have been working for you for months, we can conclude 
> that there's something critically different between your plugs and the 
> plugs we get.
Prior to introduction of the "binary plugs" in the makefile (starting 
from the b16)
it was easy to use our internal product builds to import encumbered bits 
for openjdk build.
So, internal openjdk builds were easier.

However, since b16 we need to export image of binary plugs from the 
product build and
use these exported images for openjdk build.
I think (but i am not 100% sure) that same procedure is used to export 
binary plug bits for people outside of @sun.com.
So now there is fewer chance to have discrepancies (and after all 
t2k.lib is not needed anymore :) ).
> But who knows?  Maybe we'll get lucky this time.  :-)
I can hardly wait to get feedback on build status.
Hopefully this will be success report :)
>> BTW, for windows build you will need to build freetype.dll (i tried 
>> only dll built with visualc). I believe that freetype build system 
>> does not generate .dll on windows and therefore some manual tweaking 
>> of freetype makefiles (and sources) might be necessary.
> Sounds like fun! :-)  Will the documentation include a patch?  Or just 
> some tips on how to make a .DLL?  What source files needed to change?
No, there is no patch or detailed instruction in the openjdk docs.

You can follow "official" freetype approach - 
I believe it worked for me to prepare 32 bit binary.
Perhaps someday they will finally simplify it and we can just run make :)

In addition to described changes you may also want to tweak ftoptions.h 
to enable subpixel rendering.


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