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Thu Aug 9 19:24:00 UTC 2007

from a developers point of view i think this approach makes sense because it ensures Java code stability and also comformity since anyone contributing to this project has to comply with the standars used by SUN.
This avoids "loose" integration of unstable software and should make integrateion process also more transparent for the public and easier for the SUN engineers. 
>From a Users point of view i also appreciate it becuase i know that software that is contributed to the JDK does match the standards used by SUN and no other standards that might be out there.
This license should be used on all OpenJDK projects so all parts of OpenJKD comply to this license too.
"Tom Marble" <mailto:Tom.Marble at Sun.COM> schrieb:
> All:
> Sun is announcing today the availability of a new license that
> will fulfill our promise to the Free software world to make it
> possible to test OpenJDK-based implementations for compatibility.
> OpenJDK implementations that pass the Java SE 6 TCK will be eligible
> for the license for the "Java Compatible" word mark and logo.
> With this step, Free AND compatible implementations become possible.
> We're hoping this will make it a lot easier for you to know if your
> contributions break compatibility or not, and for Free software
> implementations to thus become part of the Java platform's
> "Write Once, Run Anywhere" promise.
> You can review the text of the license [1] and read the
> updated FAQ [2] about it.
> Join us for a community chat to talk about the OpenJDK TCK license,
> answer  your questions, and think about the implications and
> next steps on the #openjdk channel [3] at
> 15:00 UTC (= 8:00 am PDT = 11:00 am EDT).
> Regards,
> --Tom
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]   #openjdk
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