encumbrances update

Dan Fabulich dan at fabulich.com
Thu Aug 9 20:42:33 UTC 2007

Kelly O'Hair wrote:

> It was never expected that the initial OpenJDK source drops would be 
> buildable on Windows.
> So that fact that it has never built on Windows was well known, I thought.

Actually, that comes as a (small) surprise to me.  When I asked about 
Windows build problems at Mark's OpenJDK talk at JavaOne, I asked him if 
he believed it should work; he said yes.  I then followed up with a 
question like: "Would you believe that it doesn't work?" he again replied 
yes.  I showed him the failure, to which I believe he replied: "Bummer." 

Certainly there's no sign on the website or in the README that Windows is 
*expected* not to work; instead, what you find are build instructions, 
with warnings that Windows is a difficult environment requiring a gentle 
touch, etc.

Especially in light of earlier e-mails from you back in June suggesting 
that build 15 would probably work, I frankly believed all this time that 
you guys just had no free Windows testing resources, and so nobody had 
ever tried a realistic clean OpenJDK build on Windows using the same plugs 
that we get.

> While I was trying to make t2k.lib available in the binary plugs, 
> another team was busy trying to remove it completely. So you can't say 
> we haven't been trying to deal with this issue.

I would never have said that.  I sincerely appreciate all of the work that 
you and other engineers at Sun have done on this, and look forward to the 
glorious day when one of us can get this thing to build! :-)


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