Too many open files exception ignored by UnixPrintServiceLookup.execCmd()

Phil Race Phil.Race at Sun.COM
Wed Aug 22 14:11:39 UTC 2007

 >Is there a better area than discuss to discuss such things?

yes. openjdk-discuss is not for discussion of specific bugs.

There are group specific aliases  and  2d-dev  is the more appropriate 
one in
this case since "2d" owns printing.

But the openjdk aliases (including 2d-dev) are really for people who are 
with the source code. Sounds like you may just want to report an 
apparent bug
I recommend this is better directed to JAVA2D-INTEREST at JAVA.SUN.COM

or if you want to submit a bug, go to

BTW the real question here is why do you have so many open files .. 
65536 is the
usual limit and that's a lot of open files.


cresley battlelite wrote:
> When I request a javax.print.PrintJob to print on Unix, 
> the PrintService checks to see if the printer is accepting jobs and 
> can return a false negative if there are too many open files because 
> the following Exception is ignored (see 
> j2se/src/solaris/classes/sun/print/
> Too many 
> open files
> Caused by: Too many open files
> I would have preferred a PrintException
>         } catch (PrivilegedActionException e) {
>         }
> should change to (or similar) 
>         } catch (PrivilegedActionException e) {
>                 throw new PrintException("Unable to determine if 
> printer is accepting jobs - " + e.getMessage());
>         }
> Is there a better area than discuss to discuss such things?
> Cresley
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