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Tue Aug 28 20:36:00 UTC 2007


i would like to contribute to OpenJDK by improving Java application start up times.

There are two different kinds of application start up:

cold start:

this is a start immediately after system reboot 

warm start:

this is one ore more starts of an Java application when the VM is already loaded and the Java application can load data into the disk cache which has faster access then the reading the data from the disk itself.

The Problem:
currently Java applicatins - in particula on Windows - take much longer to load then normal .exe applications. this is because native .exe applications with precompiled headers or libs seem to be loaded faster than corresponding Java apps.


Take advantage of disk cache
allow .exe generation of Java apps 
improve loading of Java application related ressources, files etc.

I dont know if there is any active development on this for OpenJDK at present but i think this is  crucial for any Java relase.

- Best Alex
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