OpenJDK Performance Group/Project

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Wed Aug 29 19:38:00 UTC 2007

 I think that by the existing group/project structure
> there should be a "Performance Group" formed.

I think this idea from David sounds interesting. Covering all the things of the last discussion i grasped two things:

1.Quickstart development is going on => to be included in a Java 6 update
2. Java Kernel is also in development and will be an extension to the JRE - like an on-demand online installer.

I have run a Profiler test on my LinAlg API and got some good results that were in the ms - milliseconds - realm.

Sure, using .exe format rather than .jar files will break cross-plattform usability of Java apps - however, some people might
need plattform specific generation of executables if they focus only on this specific plattform. 

It would be interesting to know how Java apps actually behave after a system reboot - that is cold start - and how this differs from
warm start behaviour. 

- Alex
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