Format for JDK 6/7 changeset comments?

Mark Reinhold mr at
Wed Dec 5 20:48:48 UTC 2007

> Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2007 08:14:33 -0800
> From: kelly.ohair at

> ...
> Effectively we need to try and separate the management of the source
> base with the management of the release.

Right.  Put another way, we need to separate the code itself from the
process by which the code is created and modified.

Ten -- or even five -- years from now nobody will care about the kinds
of release-management details that are currently published in TeamWare
putback comments.  Much of that information is ephemeral anyway; it may
link to online documents that aren't guaranteed to exist in five years,
or it may refer to test hardware or processes that are constantly

What people looking at the Mercurial repositories will care about is the
code, and the changes made to it, and who made which changes and why.

It's not that release-management information isn't important; it's just
that it doesn't belong in the code.

- Mark

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