Jalimo @ FOSDEM 'Free Java Meeting'

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Thu Dec 6 09:39:29 UTC 2007

Tom Marble wrote:
> Robert Schuster wrote:
>> I have seen the request to participate with a talk at the 'Free Java
>> Meeting' at FOSDEM'08[0]. I would like to do so and present JaLiMo which
>> is a project which aims to bring a Java(-like) environment to
>> Linux-based Mobile devices (hence the name :) ). Mobile in the sense of
>> mobile phones, PDAs and internet tablets/UMPC.
>> [...] every other distribution can benefit from our work,
>> too. Oh, yes: Everything is free and open-source software. :)
> This sounds like a great idea!  We will have representation from our
> own phoneME team so having a part of the agenda on mobile open source Java
> makes sense.  I see you are already on the wiki....  As we get closer
> (and, of course, assuming we get formal approval for our DevRoom today :) )
> we will try to schedule talks into specific time slots.
I've added the Jalimo talk proposal to the wiki, and added a talk 
proposal by me on the JCP.

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