Source tarballs

Arnd-Hendrik Mathias arnd-hendrik.mathias at
Mon Dec 10 23:31:57 UTC 2007

Hi Xiomara,
many thanks for your quick reply.
> Now that the OpenJDK source is available "live" in the hg repositories 
> it does not make sense to have source tar balls.  If we had tar balls 
> this would be out of date with the live repositories, since this would 
> be a snapshot of the repos at a given moment in time. 
I'd generally prefer to use specific snapshots (quite "stable" tagged 
ones best) over checkouts of any arbitrary status (at least for a 
dependable system for daily work).
> What is preventing you from using hg to do a fclone and get the source?
I am trying to resolve dependencies of other software to build and 
install by updating my OpenJDK installation. Each additional software 
package means additional effort by further dependencies (like hg depends 
on python and a merge program) where each of them means the additional 
risk of unresolvable dependencies. As I learned in the last months of 
installing my PC, support for pure 64bit Linux is not a matter of 
course. That's why I'm trying to avoid to raise another couple of ToDos 
and to reduce the effort to building the OpenJDK from a packed snapshot.
Does the decision mean that snapshots will generally no longer be 
offered for download in a packed bundle?
Best regards


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