Source tarballs

Andreas Sterbenz Andreas.Sterbenz at Sun.COM
Tue Dec 11 00:21:50 UTC 2007

Xiomara Jayasena wrote:
> We really didn't see the need, hence we decided to get rid of them.  It 
> seems anyone working in JDK 7 may need to become familiar with hg -- 
> that said I appreciate your input.  Here at Sun we will no longer be 
> using the tarred source and expect engineers to do clones and that is 
> the same expectation for developers outside of Sun.   If many people 
> think this is crucial then the decision can be re-evaluated.

It is still possible to get source tarballs - by going to . Just click on the zip/gz/bz2 link next to 
the desired repository to get the tip (e.g. or navigate to 
the changeset or tag you like and follow the download link (e.g.

The only thing it doesn't do is understand forests, so you have to 
download the source for each of the seven repositories in the forest 
separately (/if/ you really want them all).


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