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Arnd-Hendrik Mathias arnd-hendrik.mathias at nefkom.net
Thu Dec 20 22:54:31 UTC 2007

Hi Andreas,

Andreas Sterbenz wrote:
> Arnd-Hendrik Mathias wrote:
>> I recognized one other thing that prevents me from building 
>> completely: The "build" target of the 
>> /jdk7-jdk7-b24/jdk/make/javax/crypto/Makefile is empty which means 
>> that all directories/classes to be included in the 
>> /tmp/sun/javax.crypto/unsigned/jce.jar are removed by the prebuild 
>> target but not rebuilt subsequently.
>> Is there a special trick, how to build the 
>> tmp/sun/javax.crypto/classes/javax/crypto, 
>> tmp/sun/javax.crypto/classes/sun/security/internal/interfaces and 
>> tmp/sun/javax.crypto/classes/sun/security/internal/spec?
> There is some trickery going on in that Makefile. The classes are 
> compiled with a destination directory of 
> build/$platform-$arch/tmp/sun/ instead of the normal location 
> build/$platform-$arch/sun/ and the latter directory is removed. That 
> works for me.
The rm and jar commands seem not to reference any $platform-$arch 
directories but rather $ALT_OUTPUTDIR/tmp but referencing the tmp 
directory seems to work. The classes themselves are not compiled at all 
(not even tried to compile). The make process removes the final classes 
($ALT_OUTPUTDIR/classes/...) then the $ALT_OUTPUTDIR/tmp/.../jce.jar and 
next tries to pack the (not compiled => not existent) classes with jar 
which doesn't work without compiling them previously.
I'll cat the output of make in this directory:

make[4]: Entering directory 
rm -f -r  /opt/jdk/openjdk-1.7.0_b24/classes/javax/crypto  
/bin/mkdir -p /opt/jdk/openjdk-1.7.0_b24/tmp/sun/javax.crypto/unsigned
rm -f /opt/jdk/openjdk-1.7.0_b24/tmp/sun/javax.crypto/unsigned/jce.jar
/src/java/jdk7-b24/jdk1.7.0/bin/jar cmf 
/opt/jdk/openjdk-1.7.0_b24/tmp/sun/javax.crypto/unsigned/jce.jar  -C 
/opt/jdk/openjdk-1.7.0_b24/tmp/sun/javax.crypto/classes javax/crypto  -C 
sun/security/internal/interfaces  -C 
sun/security/internal/spec \
            -J-Xmx896m -J-Xms128m -J-XX:PermSize=32m -J-XX:MaxPermSize=160m
/opt/jdk/openjdk-1.7.0_b24/tmp/sun/javax.crypto/classes/javax/crypto : 
no such file or directory
: no such file or directory
: no such file or directory
make[4]: *** 
[/opt/jdk/openjdk-1.7.0_b24/tmp/sun/javax.crypto/unsigned/jce.jar] Error 1
make[4]: Leaving directory 
make[3]: *** [all] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory `/src/java/jdk7-b24/jdk7-jdk7-b24/jdk/make/javax'
make[2]: *** [all] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/src/java/jdk7-b24/jdk7-jdk7-b24/jdk/make'
make[1]: *** [jdk-build] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/src/java/jdk7-b24/jdk7-jdk7-b24'
make: *** [build] Error 2

> Could you elaborate a little on what you are doing? Which sources are 
> you building? OpenJDK b24? IcedTea, or something else?
OpenJDK b24
> Which directory are you calling make from? jdk7/jdk/make?
jdk7-jdk7-b24 which is the top directory created by unpacking the 
jdk7-jdk7-b24.tar.bz2 tarball.
> What is the command you are running? "make"? "make all"?
make $OPTIONS sanity all

This follows the information in the corresponding README file.

For further information you can take a brief look into the Makefile I 
sent previously: It resides one directory above
 and I use it calling

make build

from there. Influences from the above Makefile are unlikely, since 
calling make in the jdk7-jdk7-b24 directory directly the following way

make -C jdk7-jdk7-b24 
ALT_BOOTDIR=/src/java/jdk7-b24/jdk1.7.0 BOOT_VER=1.7.0 
ANT_HOME=/opt/ant/apache-ant-1.7.0 BUILD_NUMBER=b24 sanity all

results in the same errors.
Best regards


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