Java Crypto Encumberance Update.

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Thu Jul 26 19:11:43 UTC 2007

Brad Wetmore wrote:
> Good morning/afternoon/evening/night,
> Here's a quick update on our efforts to remove the cryptographic
> encumbrances from the Java SE code base, and thus finally open source
> the crypto framework and the Sun providers (SunJCE, PKCS11, MSCAPI).
> We have cleared our concerns with the various stakeholders (legal,
> export, mgmt, etc), and began merging the JCE and Java SE code bases
> last week.  This includes opening the PKCS11/MSCAPI bulk cryptographic
> routines also.
> Assuming we don't get pulled in too many different directions or hit any
> major snags, we should have this code ready by mid-Sept.
> I know this code has been eagerly anticipated, so thanks for your
> patience.  We had quite a few items to resolve.

Thanks, Brad, that's very good news.

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