-agentlib:foobar.so problems

Raghu Nair Raghu.Nair at Sun.COM
Fri Jul 27 04:09:10 UTC 2007

Hello Peter,
  You can open Java Control Panel and select Java Tab and in  Java 
Runtime Parameters  value enter      -Djava.library.path="Location of  

Tim Bell wrote:
> Peter Lawrence wrote:
>>> java -agentlib:jitsyms.so fib
>> Error occurred during initialization of VM
>> Could not find agent library on the library path or in the local
>> directory: jitsyms.so
> Set up LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Solaris/Linux, or PATH on Windows so
> your library will be discovered during load time.
> For more information, take a look here:
>   The JVM Tool Interface (JVM TI): How VM Agents Work
>   http://java.sun.com/developer/technicalArticles/J2SE/jvm_ti/
> Search for the section titled "Native Library Loading".
> HTH - Tim

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